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Grinding Machine Maintenance

Customer service comes first. I focus on the mechanical, electrical and electronic care and maintenance of saw blade grinding machines for metal circular saw blades. This includes: Instructions on machine usage, on grinding of metal circular saw blades and introduction to sawing of metals. We also offer our service for other machine tools, such as regular maintenance and repair of BOSCH Turboscara robots at Schmidt-Tempo saw blade grinding installations. Now new in our range: service for grinding machines for technical knives.

Used Machine Trading

The purchase, repair/overhaul and resale of various machine tools is another aspect of our business alligned with the machine tool service. A continued customer contact together with competence and trust are imperative. In this manner specific investments are safeguarded. The acquisition or purchase of a reconditioned used machine. Thinking and acting in the customer's best interest.
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Custom Solutions

Special needs require special solutions. This instigates the creativity to work on them. The development, construction and manufacturing of detailed solutions, special devices, small machines and machine parts conclude the coverage of a complete, complex service. Everything considered and well-thought-out.
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